Friday, September 2, 2011

I am back

I haven't blog a over a year. Just get lazy.  Many things happen last year.
I moved to a new town. Now I lived in the "Ontario most beautiful village" -Group of Seven , Elora, ON. It very a beautiful, tourist town. Lots of interesting boutiques and shops. Tall trees, 2 rivers run through the town, water falls. Conservation area, white water rapid, gorge. Lots to things to do and see.  Just a beautiful town. 

Elora Gorge

I haven't done any pictures but I have never posted this Hamming birds. The Bee Balms were from my good friend Marie Ann.  Picture size is  11x14
I pressed some daffodils and snow drops for the first time.Very nice, I have pressed more next spring.

 I did a few cards and sold it at our church Victorian Tea in June.
I did a few bookmarks with used dryer sheets. I used stamp to colour it lightly and has a very soft effects. I have to thank Kate who inspired me to create these bookmarks.