Friday, September 2, 2011

I am back

I haven't blog a over a year. Just get lazy.  Many things happen last year.
I moved to a new town. Now I lived in the "Ontario most beautiful village" -Group of Seven , Elora, ON. It very a beautiful, tourist town. Lots of interesting boutiques and shops. Tall trees, 2 rivers run through the town, water falls. Conservation area, white water rapid, gorge. Lots to things to do and see.  Just a beautiful town. 

Elora Gorge

I haven't done any pictures but I have never posted this Hamming birds. The Bee Balms were from my good friend Marie Ann.  Picture size is  11x14
I pressed some daffodils and snow drops for the first time.Very nice, I have pressed more next spring.

 I did a few cards and sold it at our church Victorian Tea in June.
I did a few bookmarks with used dryer sheets. I used stamp to colour it lightly and has a very soft effects. I have to thank Kate who inspired me to create these bookmarks.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cards enhenced with tissue and paper punch

Finally I have sometime to create with my recent purchase Japaneses tissues and two new Martha Stewart paper punches. It took me a while to get the paper punch to work the way I like. I am very happy with the results.
I really like the Malva flower how it pressed.  The colour retained so nice. The white stay very white.These were pressed over 2 years ago. I was at Kent Wood Garden Centre and Evelyn, the owner, was very kind and let me help myself to her garden. I only took a few of Malva and it turn out so nice.  I must plant this plant this year or visit her again.

I like the colour of this card stock.The tissue has leaves watermarks  added a  nice touch.
The leaves on this card were Trident Maple leaves and fall wild grape leave and ferns.

This was a very nice punch. It can be used on the corner or  along the straight edge.
I trimmed off the pointed ends and made it blended with the tissue design.
The big blue flower was a new addition last year. I bought it from Kent Wood Garden, Geranium Ballerina, a perennial Geranium.  I like how its exquisite colouring and the veins retained so well.

This is another nice paper punch. Again it can be used at the corner or along the straight edge of the paper.
I really love these lacy tissue. I bought it at The Paper Place in Toronto. Here is the link to the store web site.
This paper is under "Watermark tissue"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I am so proud of our Sunday School class. The kids did over 60 bookmarks for all the ladies at the church. Here are a few samples.

Each lady also received a Marigold and Dianthus. We put them in a clear bag and tied a curly ribbon, but that was hard for the little hands to tie the ribbons. They were all very good in cutting ribbons and good finger for the held down the knot. The flower packages were put in a basket and  handed out to the congregation during the last hymn.  Great job gang.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Fun Cards and bookmarks

I have been making cards these days. Try to use some of my ribbons, punches work with pressed flower design.

Also made a card for Chinese New Year. I made a swing card with Chinese flare.

Ribbon bookmarks.

New bookmark cards

Thursday, October 8, 2009

sold my fall pumpkins picture

Sold this picture . So happy .

Material used in this picture were:
Corn husk, banana peel, fall leaves, lily of valley leaves, iris leave, marigold, grass. 8x10 mated, frame 11x14

Class at the Library

Class tonight at the Dresden Library. We did a bookmark and a card, both were in fall theme. It was a fun class.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picture made with poplar fluff

I have completed my September project, a picture made with poplar fluff. This class was taught by Alyona, very good and talented artist from Ukraine. I have lot of fun doing this picture. Poplar fluff is not easy work with but I hope to do another picture later.